Georgian Dance Studio "ShavleGo"

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Dance Is Beauty Art

The nation is rare in the world, which has its own customs in the choreographic art as well as the Georgian people.

Famous ancient Greek doctors used to treat dancing, and in ancient elata, gymnasiums, philosophy and poetry were equally teaching dance art.

Georgian dance ensemble Shallego was founded in 1952 in Tbilisi, under the guidance of Chichiko Bochua, on the base of N139 public school. From the day of creation, the ensemble took active participation in many cultural events both in Georgia and beyond its borders. Ensemble has won many prizes and festivals in folk festivals and competitions, traveled to Europe and Asia: France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Kiev and others. In addition, the ensemble has been in former post-Soviet cities, Moscow, in St. Petersburg fourteen times. Every single ensemble of the ensemble was very successful at festivals or solo concerts.

Since 1995, the Ensemble is headed by David Bokhua, who has successfully continued his family tradition. Today the ensemble's repertoire is very rich, which enabled us to create a two-hour show program.

Really strong children combine to celebrate the name of the ensemble and to establish a beautiful place in choreography. The goal is one - strong ensemble! The main choreographer David Bochua does not spare time and energy to enhance the honesty, courage, and courage in the dancers to establish them as patriots of homeland.

Their homeland is Georgia!


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Studio Director - Davit Bokhua
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Eighth Legion Settlement Lagidze 20. 139 Public School.
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Manager Mariam Partsvania
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